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"I get offered so many bad movies…" - David Bowie
This one wasn't so fact, it is a cult classic, directed by the one and only eccentric Nicolas Roeg, and consists of some of the best filming and scenes in British movie history.
The Man Who Fell To Earth was a Science Fiction, cult classic, which was released in 1976…

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Main Details
Produced by: British Lion Film Corporation [United Kingdom]
Distributed by: Cinema 5 Distributing
Release Information: UK, Engligh, Color, 140 minutes long; released in West Germany on August 19, 1976 and in Sweden on October 11, 197

The Cast
David Bowie .... Thomas Jerome Newton

Rip Torn.... Nathan Bryce [one of Newton's partners]

Candy Clark ....  Mary-Lou [Newton's "wife on earth"]

Buck Henry .... Oliver Farnsworth

Bernie Casey.... Peters

Jackson D. Kane.... Professor Canutti

Rick Riccardo .... Trevor

Tony Mascia .... Arthur [Newton's limousine driver who also betrayed him]

Linda Hutton  ....  Elaine

Hitary Holland .... Jill

Adrienne Larussa.... Helen

Lilybelle Crawford....  Jewelery Store Owner [the old woman at the beginning]

Richard Breeding .... Receptionist [at the New Mexico hotel where Newton first visits]

Albert Nelson .... Waiter [appears during end of film]

The Crew
It was directed by: Nicolas Roeg, who also had many 'popular' films, including Performance with rock star Mick Jagger. [click here for interview]

The film and screenplay writing credits:
go to Paul Mayersberg, but the original novel was written by Walter Tevis. The script seemed a lot like Stranger in a Strange Land, rather than TMWFTE...Bowie did not like the script at first, but learned to cope.

Producers were: Michael Deeley, Si Litvinoff [executive producer], John Peverall [associate], and Barry Spikings

Production Manager: Roy Stevens

Original music was by: John Phillips...Bowie refused to contribute to any soundtrack due to the fact that he wanted a solo soundtrack with only his hard work on it...                                         
Cinematographer was: Anthony B. Richmond

Film Editor: Graeme Clifford
Production Design by: Brian Eatwell [yes this is his real surname…]                           

Costumes by: May Routh

Make-up Department: Linda DeVetta

Sound Editing Department: Terry Sharratt [was the boom operator]

Other Information
Where was TMWFTE filmed?
Mainly within NEW MEXICO, if you haven't noticed while watching the movie…
1. Albuquerque, Bernalillo co, New Mexico, USA
2. Roswell, Chaves co, New Mexico, USA
3. Madrid, New Mexico, USA
4. White Sands Misile Range, Alamogordo, Otero co, New Mexico, USA
...those 'beautiful' views of the mountains and hill tops and deserts were actually filmed here...

Was TMWFTE ever nominated for any awards?
Yes - at the Berlin International Film Festival...Nicolas Roeg was nominated, but did not win, the Golden Berlin Bear award @ the Berlin International Film Festival.

Not knowing everything about the movie myself, I just happened to place down some of the 'easier to answer' questions. I hope I have elaborated on each answer enough, because whatever I may not put down right now may be due to the fact that I am so confused about certain parts of the movie, for instance, all of those other men and partners who betray each other...hmm [!?]

Who is Thomas Jerome Newton? (David Bowie's role)
An extraterrestrial who came to planet Earth from his planet, Anthea, to bring back water [to save his planet]. He is super-intelligent, has false pupils, genitalia, etc, and usually informs others that he had come from England [his accent]. He is tall, pale and thin in appearance.
Newton 'becomes a human' on Earth. During examinations, his artificial eyes are permanently stuck on when an X ray is taken of them. He becomes stabilized on Earth with a job and alcohol, and is betrayed by his partners [Bryce and Farnsworth] due to his high intelligence.


"He exudes such a wonderfully perverse nonhuman quality…" - Nicolas Roeg (on David Bowie)

"I thought David Bowie was perfect for the part of "Thomas Jerome Newton" and WOW, what a stellar performance he gave!" - Candy Clark

"...TMWFTE ranks as
one of the most remarkable British productions of the 70s." - Alliance Classics

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