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Welcome to the MWFTE picture gallery. Below are various photos from the film and related to the film. *Most* but not all photos were not retrieved from miscellaneous sites. Place the cursor over the photo for a description.

PHOTOS from the movie

thomas jerome newton businessman profile alcohol and gun profile & scenery after the mirror scene
gazes in mirror watching those TVs newton's alien family waiting for the store to open thomas jerome newton, closeup
inside the glowing dome the mirror scene candy clark as mary lou

PHOTOS behind the scenes | off-set

pondering after TMWFTE, '77 experimenting with the camera david bowie and candy clark david directing Paris, 24 June 1977.<br>David escorts Sydne Rome to the French premiere of TMWFTE. candy clark candy clark's autograph

PHOTOS promotional | merchandise

single with MWFE pic on it an alternate book cover the new video cover new DVD cover MWFTE poster foreign MWFTE poster
advertisement for album, movie and tour, 1976