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Scene 7 - 12

Scene 7: Untitled #1

(Professor Nathan Bryce walks from a university to his car.  A girl eyes him as he throws his briefcase in the back seat.  He drives off.  Scene cuts to Bryce unwrapping a gift from his daughter for his birthday.  He reads the card she has sent and puts it with a picture of her)

Scene 8: Sex Scene #1

(Shots are cut in-between Bryce and the unnamed student that was shown in Scene 7: Untitled #1 having sex and taking photos of eachother, and Newton eating at a Chinese restaurant.  Newton becomes frightened of the Kabuki theatre performers and leaves.  Cut back to Bryce and unnamed student lying in bed, then looking at the taken photos on self-developing film that is made by Newton's company, World Enterprises Corporation)

Scene 9: Farnsworth's Reflection

Farnsworth: (While showing Newton stepping out of a W.E.Corp. building and getting into a cadillac)  It happened literally overnight.  When Mr.Newton walked into my apartment my old life went straight out the window.  In no time at all I got a brand new life and I like it.  Sure, I'm not my own boss like I used to be, but, so what? (Cut to Newton in the back of the cadillac, who starts dialling a phone)  Oliver you're the president of one of the largest corporations in America.  I'm telling you, it's never too late.  I didn't think a man could change at my age.  I still can't believe it.  (We know see the door to Farnsworth's office)  Yes, it's possible...  (Cut to inside of Farnsworth's office)  Are you sure this is the right moment, Mr.Newton?  You do know that this has virtually no bottom.

Scene 10: Icarus 

(Bryce walks out of his bedroom after sex, carrying the book his daughter gave him.  He looks at the picture of his separated wife and daughter after taking the underwear of the unnamed student off the frame.  The book is, Masterpieces in Paint and Poetry, by W.E.Corp.  He opens the book to a poem about the mythical creature Icarus, with a painting of the scene in the poem.  The camera focuses on the painting then the poem.  It reads:

   AUDEN    "Munee des Beaux Arts"
  In Brughel's Icarus, for instance; how everything turns away
  Quite leisurely from the disaster, the ploughmen
  Have heard the splash, the forsaken cry
  But for him it was not an important failure, the sun shone
  As it had to on the white legs disappearing into the green
  Water; and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen
  Something amazing; a boy falling out of the sky
  Had somewhere to get and sailed calmly on

Bryce looks thoughtfully at the painting.  Camera zooms on the portrait of Icarus in the water)

Scene 11: Newton in Cadillac 

Newton: (On the phone with Farnsworth)  No...  No, I want you to begin negotiations with Eastman Kodak immediately.  (Cut to see the cadillac moving in traffic)

Farnsworth: We've been together a long time now and I don't see why you'd even consider selling off this division.  (Cut to Farnsworth's office)  Well, if I owned a copyright on the Bible, I wouldn't sell it to Random House.

Newton: (Cut back to inside of the car, he laughs a little)  It's what I want.  I'm on my way to New Mexico now.  I shall be staying at a hotel near the border.  (Pause)  I can't tell you yet.  I'll keep in touch.

Scene 12: Canutti's Office

Canutti: (In chair at desk)  Results are results, Nate.  Your class is way below par.  I've got the computer statements right here.  And, uh...  (Laughs a bit)  They're kind of sad.

Bryce: Campus computer again.  That thing doesn't have a mind.

Canutti: It's not meant to have a mind.

Bryce: That's what makes it perfect for this place, right?  Oh, the company that made that self-developing film I showed you awhile ago, they've released this statement.  They're dumping computers, they're installing human beings.

Canutti: Oh, really...

Bryce: You wanna know why?  They wanna bring back human error, 'cause that's how you get new ideas, by making mistakes, back to man.  His imagination.

Canutti: If you can't spot a piece of bulls*** commercial publicity when you hear it, you're even more naive than I thought.  Keep your eye on your job.  That's my advice.

Bryce: (Walking about)  That's your advice.  You're so f****** smug and ignorant you don't know what's going on.

Canutti: Really...

Bryce: These kids are bored.  They're bored with you and these f****** textbooks that are five years out of date.  I mean (laughs), what they need is some real stimulus, some ideas to pursue.

Canutti: Well, we've had enough of your "pursuits".

Bryce: What are you talking about?

Canutti: (Standing up)  I'm talking about the things you pursue, Nate.  Young things.  (Bryce laughs)  I don't know, maybe it's your age.  You've become a novelty freak, and you're not that young anymore.  (Sits back down)

Bryce: You don't even get it, do you?  I'm younger than most of those kids-

Canutti: (Interrupting)  Oh, come on!

Bryce: They're already middle aged because that's what they're taught!  Well, I want out.  That's the fact.

Canutti: Face the facts.  What the hell else can you do except teach?  (Pause)  Nothing.  Not a Good--- thing.  While you're at it, why don't you go get a job with that great company of yours?

Bryce: (Walking out)  I believe I will!

Canutti: (Disgusted)  I believe you won't.