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Scene 13 - 16

Scene 13: Hotel

(Newton's cadillac pulls up to a hotel.  Two coppers laugh, call him weird looking as he walks inside, and check out the car while seeing if the plate is legal)

Clerk: Can I help you?
Newton: (Taking off hat and brushing hair back as he walks to the counter)  Sussex, I have a reservation.

Clerk: Oh yes, Mr.Sussex, we've been expecting you.  (Newton puts down briefcase; clerk speaks to maid)  Room 505, please.  (To Newton)  My, that sure is a fancy looking pen you got there.  (Newton nods)

Arthur: When shall I call for you, sir?
Newton: Oh, I'm not sure yet.  Sometime tomorrow, I'll let you know.  (Maid, Mary-Lou, picks up Newton's briefcase and takes it into the lift.  Quick shot outside to see coppers shaking their heads at the car.  Back inside, Newton realises his briefcase is gone and follows Mary-Lou into the lift)  No, I'll take that.  (Mary-Lou closes the lift door and starts it.  Newton speaks wearily)  No, I'll take the stairs.

Mary-Lou: (Smiling)  It's five flights.  (Newton moans and falls to the lift floor.  She turns to him and kneels down)  Do you want me to go back down?

Newton: No, keep on going.  (She stands up)

Mary-Lou: Oh-no.  No.  Oh-God.  (She is having trouble with the lift.  She finally gets it to stop in the right place and turns to Newton after opening the door.  He is on the floor, passed out and bleeding from his nose.  She drags him out)  Are you all right?  You're all right now, we're on the fifth floor.  Oh God...  (Crying, she carefully puts his briefcase on his chest, picks up his knees one by one, puts her arms around him and carries him down the hall)  You're gonna be okay.  Oh lord...  You okay?  Oh!  (Newton breathes heavily as she unlocks the door to his room.  We hear a train pass.  She lays him on the bed.  He sighs and closes his eyes.  She is half straddling him)  Mister...  Mister...  Are you okay?  Are you okay?

Newton: (Weakly)  I...  I must of fainted.

Mary-Lou: (Getting off of him)  Fainted?  I thought you were dead!  I'll call a doctor.

Newton: No, don't call a doctor.  (He leans over the side of the bed and vomits.  Mary-Lou passes a trash can to him.  He lays back down and makes a noise of pain.  Mary-Lou is in the lavatory getting some paper towels)

Scene 14: Sex Scene #2

(Shots cut between Bryce and another unnamed student having sex, and Mary-Lou cleaning Newton off)

Scene 15: Hotel Room #1

(Newton wakes up; he is half sitting on the bed.  Mary-Lou sits up in the chair nest to the bed)

Newton: Do you think I could have something to drink?

Mary-Lou: Are you sure you should drink?

Newton: I'd like a nice glass of-

Mary-Lou: (Interrupting) Gin?  (Newton looks at her questioningly and flexes the fingers on his left hand)  A nice gin and tonic, with four cubes of ice and a slice of lime.  (She sighs)  How's that sound, mister?

Newton: (Starting to get up)  Just a glass of water.

Mary-Lou: (Standing up and stopping him)  No, I'll get it.  (Walking into lavatory, getting water, then returning)  Want me to go down and get you some medicine?  Maybe you should take something with your water.  Some kind of pill maybe?

Newton: (Taking the glass and taking a drink)  Just the water.

Mary-Lou: What's your name?

Newton: Sussex.

Mary-Lou: (Pause)  Can I leave now?  I've got some cleaning to do.  I'll come back in a little while, okay?

Newton:  You go ahead.  I'm all right.  (Mary-Lou smiles and leaves; Newton drinks water and looks after her affectionately)

Scene 16: Hotel Room #2

(Camera focuses off a painting on the wall, and widens to show Mary-Lou and Newton lying down and talking)

Mary-Lou: Then, when I was fifteen, I worked at this pharmacy in a hospital delivering medicine to all the floors.  It was a real responsible job.  (Newton takes a drink of water)  Boy, you're really hooked on water, aren't you?  One of these days you oughtta try one of these.  (Holds up her drink of gin)  Am I talking too much?  (Newton shakes his head no)  Maybe I oughtta go.  (She sits up.  Newton takes her gin bottle and puts the cap on it)  Oh, lord, it's after three.  You must be tired.  (After taking a drink)  Well, I'll just finish this up and then...

Newton: And then?

Mary-Lou: (Laying back down)  And then, I think I'll have another one.  (Newton and Mary-Lou smile; she pours herself a glass)  You know, I really like you, mister.  (Newton puts his head on his arms)  What do you do?  For a living I mean.

Newton: Oh, just visiting.

Mary-Lou: Oh, a traveller!  (Newton grins and lifts eyebrows)

Newton: (Sitting up)  Could you help me up, please?

Mary-Lou: (Standing)  Sure!  (Newton holds her glass and bottle until she takes them and puts them on the stand next to the bed.  She helps him up and walks him to the lavatory)  You know, mister, I don't think you get enough to eat.  (He closes the lavatory door)  If you don't mine me saying so, I think you're too thin.  You're too thin.  (Sitting down in a chair and yelling it at the lavatory door)  You're too thin!  (Pause)  Do you come from the city?

Newton: No, I come from, the country.

Mary-Lou: Ah, I wish I came from the country.  You know, this is a very unhealthy place.  (Newton steps out of the lavatory, walks to bed, and sits down)  Water here is all polluted; they put all kinds of chemicals in it to keep people from getting sick.  Very unhealthy place.

Newton: I just think it takes getting used to, is all.

Mary-Lou: It sure does.  (Newton smiles)  Anyway...  (She takes a drink and stands up)  I-

Newton: (Interrupting, slowly as not to hurt her feelings)  I wonder...  I wonder if you'd mind, Mary-Lou, if I rested now.

Mary-Lou: (Pause, a little disappointment in her voice)  Lord, no.  I was just leaving anyway.  (Gets her coat, purse and gin bottle)  I'll come back and see you tomorrow if you want me.

Newton: (Smiling) I'd like to see you tomorrow.  Perhaps you could arrange to bring me a television.

Mary-Lou: TV?  Nothing easier.  Well, I guess I'll be seeing you mister...

Newton: Sussex.

Mary-Lou: Sussex!  (Laughing a little)  I don't know why, but I'll never remember that name.  (Walking to the door)  Goodnight.

Newton:  Goodnight.  Thank you, Mary-Lou, thank you.

Mary-Lou: You're welcome!  (She leaves, Newton lays back, sighs, and closes his eyes.  We see Mary-Lou walking home as she narrates)  They always seem to lead such interesting lives, people who travel.  People who write stories must lead interesting lives too.  I know I'll never be like a character in a story.  I'll just be like everybody else.  But, maybe, maybe, maybe...  I don't know.  Maybe someday.

To be continued...