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Thanks to the generous and wonderful efforts of these parts of the script are here.

Scene 1 - 6

Scene 1: Street

(We see Newton trying to make his way down a hill without falling.  A blonde man is watching him.  He walks in front of a train, stumbles slightly.  Kneels in front of a lake as if he's praying.  Gets up to almost get hit by a car.  Pulls back hood attached to his jacket to reveal a generous thatch of red hair, blonde in the front.  Continues walking down street.  Passes what looks like a carnival amusement, wind blowing it aside.)

Drunken man: Hey fella... Come here... (laugh, burp, laugh)

(Continues walking down the street.  Lies down on top of bench, watches woman open shop.)
Scene 2: Pawn Shop

Woman: Can I help?

Newton: Yes?  I'm sorry. (Takes ring out of pocket) I'd like to sell this. (Hands woman ring)

Woman: Where'd you get this ring?

Newton: It's mine.  My wife gave it to me.  Look, the initials are on the inside.  Yes?

Woman: (Reading inscription) "T.J.N."

Newton: Yeah.

Woman: Do you have your ID?

Newton: (Handing her passport) I'm British.  I have a passport.

Woman: (Reading passport) Thomas Jerome Newton. (Pause) This is not a pawn shop.

Newton: (Curious) I beg your pardon?

Woman: (Weighing ring) If I buy this now you can't redeem it later, understand?

Newton: I understand.

Woman: $20.00

Newton: $20.00?
Woman: Take it or leave it.

Scene 3: By the Pond

(Takes drink of pond water; pulls out lots of identical gold rings, drinks more water)

Scene 4: Farnsworth

Trevor: Oliver?  Oliver?  Oliver, Mr.Newton is here.

Oliver:  I'm Oliver Farnsworth. (Newton looks strangely at Oliver's large glasses)  Would you like a scotch and water or something, Mr.Newton?

Newton:  Oh, a glass of water. (Walks to couch and sits down)

Trevor: Fine. (To Oliver) Would you like a scotch?

Oliver: Yes, please. (To Newton) Are you all right?

Newton: Just tired.

Oliver:  I'm sorry I didn't have time to see you at my office today.  Mr.Newton, I had hardly ten minutes. (Newton hands Oliver envelope of money, then takes out a pill, breaks it in half, and drops it into his water) What is this, some kind of bribe?

Newton: I'm paying you for your time.  As of now, I want ten hours, at one thousand dollars an hour.

Oliver: Mr.Newton, this kind of money buys more than ten hours even of my time.  What exactly do you want?

Newton: I want a lawyer who is well versed in pata...  Patents.

Oliver: That's me,

Newton: (Hands Oliver portfolio full of strange paper) Here. (Oliver looks at papers, Newton drinks water) 

Oliver: Electronics.

Newton: Read the fine. (Drinks water)

Oliver: May I keep them over night?

Newton: I'm sorry, I can't leave it with you.  It's not that I don't trust you.

Oliver: (Long awkward pause) All right I'll read it. (Gets up, walks to table, sits down, while Newton looks around) Would you like to put a record on, Mr.Newton?  Music doesn't disturb me.

Newton: Oh, no thank-you.

Oliver: If there's anything you want, just ask.

(After awhile, Newton gets up, walks to window, picking up a fallen paper and handing it to Oliver.  Sadly watches fireworks, then the sun rise as the next day comes.)

Oliver: (While showing street and traffic) I don't believe it.  I can't believe it.  You have nine basic patents here.  Nine, and that's basic patents.  Do you know what that means?

Newton: Yes, I think so.

Oliver: I wonder. (Quick change to inside of Farnworth's flat; Newton watches television) It means, Mr.Newton, that you can take RCA, Eastman Kodak, and Dupont for starters. (Newton turns from the television to Farnsworth)

Newton: In say three years, what would this be worth to me?

Oliver: I'm a lawyer, not an accountant Mr.Newton.  But I'd say it must be somewhere in the area of, three-hundred million dollars.

Newton: Not more?

Oliver: More?

Newton: (Rather desperate) I need more.

Oliver: What the hell for?! (Newton arches an eyebrow, turns off television) I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that, it's just I'm just trying to adjust my mind to all this.

Newton: I'll offer you ten percent of my net profits, plus five percent of all corporate holdings.

Oliver: (Blows bubble off of tongue, stands) I must think about it all.  I'll ask Trevor to take you home.  I don't drive.

Newton: (Handing Oliver remote while shaking his hand) Thank-you.  I have my driver waiting.

Oliver: All night?

Newton: (While leaving Farnsworth's flat) If you take this assignment, you will have complete authority, below me.  I don't want to have contact with anyone, except you.  When you take this position, Mr.Farnsworth, you'll be able to replace some of your integrated sound equipment, and buy some of mine.

Oliver: Buy it?

Newton: At cost naturally.

Oliver: Perhaps you are not so different after all, Mr.Newton.

Scene 5: Cadillac

Newton: (To driver) Arthur, will you please slow down?

Arthur: We're only going forty-five, Mr.Newton.

Newton: It's making me feel dizzy.  Keep to thirty, please.

Scene 6: Farnsworth's Flat

Oliver: (Sitting at a table, Trevor brings plate full of food to the table and sits down) My father used to say, Oliver, when you get a gift horse, walk up to it, pat it, quiet the animal down, and then using both hands, force open its jaws and have a damned good look in its mouth.

Trevor: I'd say that was good advice.

Oliver: Yes, but my father was always wrong.